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Alberto Ardévol-Abreu

Research Associate

Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu is doctor in Communication Science by the Universidad de La Laguna, where he was awarded the International Doctor’s Degree Extraordinary Prize (2014). He presented his dissertation in December 2013, after having completed predoc research stays at the Universities of Texas at Austin (US) and Autónoma de Nuevo León (México).
During the last five academic years, he has worked as lecturer and researcher at the universities of La Laguna and Vienna. Currently, Dr. Ardèvol-Abreu is a Research Associate at the MiLab (Department of Communication, University of Vienna). Dr. Ardèvol-Abreu’s research interests focus on political communication and new media. He is particularly engaged in the enquiry about positive and negative effects of internet-based media use on political knowledge, discussion, and participation. Closely connected to research in political communication—from both theoretical and empirical perspectives—, the applicant has examined the effects of media portrayal of immigration, minorities, and impoverished countries. From more a theoretical perspective, he is also involved in research on framing and agenda-setting theories. He has participated in research projects on the third level of the agenda-setting theory (under Professor McCombs at the University of Texas), and the typology of news media frames.