The Media Innovation Lab (MiLab) is an interdisciplinary research team based in the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna.

MiLab offers a space where graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty collaborate on social scientific empirical research in the fields of media innovation and technology, social media, political communication and journalism.

In particular, we seek to understand how communication technologies shape the individual, social, and psychological aspects of modern life. New media technologies play an increasingly important role in our politics, our communities, the information we share, and ultimately the type of society we live in. The goal of MiLab is to shed light on salient issues and increase understanding to help define and affect the role of new media technology in democratic life.

We seek to advance our understanding about these complex issues emphasizing the introduction of novel theoretical developments and solid quantitative empirical approaches. Please browse our web site to learn more about our work and our contributors.